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Parchment City Hall

650 S. Riverview Dr., Parchment, MI, 49004

Phone: (269) 349-3785

Fax: (269) 345-5441

Kris Jordan                        Festival Director, 269-303-2793

Jon Heasley Fundraising/Sponsorships 

Nancy Eaton                  Arts and Crafts Show

JR & Suzie Dean, Jordan VanBelle      Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Show

Holly Evans, Liz Emmons, & Johanna Penny                   Children's Activities

Levi Pierpont Parade

Chester Emmons                    Food Vendors

Ray Brandon 5K Race and Fitness Walk

Claudia Britigan Outdoor Community Theatre                           

Ken Holda Family Musical Director

Zac Thompson Youth Show Director

 Molly Andrews & Barb Steffler Summer Concert Series Talent


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